Content Moderation Services

Content and Text Moderation

Deals with all kinds of user generated content (UGC) and user submissions to keep your online environment safe & user friendly.

Social Media Moderation

We protect your social media channels from suspicious profiles, offensive content, graphic images, exploitation and abusive behavior. We provide content and comment moderation to protect your users, community and brand.

Video / Image Moderation

Detect inappropriate, offensive or illegal image/video content to ensure it’s not seen by the public & therefore creating a safe community for your end-users.

Scammer Moderation

Provides security to both your brand and your end-users from potential risk of obtaining important information and prevent them from being used fraudulently.

Ad Compliance Moderation

We eliminate unwanted ads and third party sites from your website to maintain convenient user experience while keeping brand reputation reliable.

NMS Content Moderation Services employ outstanding content moderators to monitor user-generated content. We manage your brand-related social engagements and events to protect your brand from all kinds of online threats. Our efficient moderation management service safeguards your reputation and improves reliability all at the same time.

Unique Features

Criteria are based on client demands, business goals and needs

Round-the-clock activity monitoring

Complete protection scheme for your brand integrity and reputation

Real-time updates with customized reporting

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