April 6, 2017

New Media Services launches into Europe

When you look at the glass half full, the possibilities can indeed be limitless. For the New Media Services team, opportunities can come in different forms and scales the same way it can be shared with individuals or groups with as much determination to succeed and create something different. This philosophy was recently demonstrated yet again after the launch of the company’s new arm of operations in Europe: http://newmediaserviceseurope.co.uk.

The new branch is led by Tim Scoffham and Neil Ives. Their exemplary background in advertising and brand promotion will aid in setting up a larger platform where New Media Services can impart innovative solutions to fellow business owners.

 Venturing into the European Market

Many different sectors, such as housing and digital technology, continue to flourish in the UK despite Brexit’s impending threat of a decline in economic development and investment. In fact, the UK dominated technological advancement with over 17% surge in digital tech job demands ranging from data security analysts to web designers to software developers from 2011-2015.

This increase in job opportunities not only surpassed the employment levels in fields not just related to digital technology; it also raised salary and investment rates to the roof, thereby branding the UK as Europe’s hub of digital growth for businesses. The digital sector has also helped boost the productivity levels in Britain, spurred the thriving cyber security in Belfast, the expansion of data analytics technology in Edinburgh, London and Cambridge’s artificial intelligence, as well as the highest emergence of companies in the tech market that were found to be in Bournemouth, London, Newcastle and Poole. Overall, UK outranked Europe in terms of the total amount of investments gained (£28bn) since 2011, France ranks 2nd with £11bn and Germany with £9.3bn

NMS has a wide range of services as a way of fortifying connectivity and collaboration among various businesses that can lead to more sustainable economic development.

A lot of people believe that Brexit may pose quite a challenge for UK’s economy and that there is a strong need to enforce priority on support and infrastructure, especially for start-up enterprises. Thankfully, the New Media Services team is here to aid the UK in its desire to broaden its industry’s range of services and competency in a more cost effective manner. Whether you are in need of customer support, IT systems, web design and app development, moderation services, search engine optimization and content services, NMS ensures your business gets the assistance it needs so you can reach your target audience while establishing better branding.

Proactive campaigns and cost-effective solutions have always been at the core of every endeavor we take on. Thus, as the New Media Services family continues to multiply in number, expect us to continue striving for more improvement and deliver world-class excellence at all times.

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