March 20, 2012

NMS introduces Administrative Platform

VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA – As part of its mission to improve your business quality, New Media Services (NMS), the leader in providing business solutions to companies everywhere, introduces its newest internal programming and coding service called Administrative Platform.

Companies, clients and services can benefit from private administration tools used for monitoring attendance, processing employment applications, calculating employee gains and expenditures as well as many more potential administrative needs. The platform can create, facilitate and organize internal your company’s internal processes, such as:

Human Resource Platform

Internal Time-Keeping Platform

Invoicing Platform

Company Announcements

Blog Platforms

Martin Eyking, NMS founder and CEO, expressed the necessity of having an organized and systematized internal process for companies. “You can dispense all those unnecessary paperworks that are clogging your company’s stock rooms. Everything is at the tip of your fingers. It makes organizing your company so much easier so you can focus on what matter most.”

New Media Services, headquartered in Victoria, Australia, is in the forefront of bringing real people, who give live interactive support services, catering for both the Web Service and Mobile Support Services industries. NMS provides ultimate resource for all your information and entertainment requirements, backed by a team of dedicated and skilled personnel. They lead in providing global outsourcing services utilizing real people.

For more information, please contact NMS at (+61) (0)3 9016 3480 or at Their office is located at 4 Dundass Grove, Botanic Ridge, Victoria, Australia.

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