July 18, 2012

NMS Launches New LOOP Feature

VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA – New Media Services (NMS), the industry leader in mobile and web live support services, is pleased to announce the launching of LOOP IM, a new chat feature for the Live Operator Online Platform (LOOP).

The LOOP IM is an online, live operator platform for IM Chat services. The IM Chat Client for websites is a web-based chat messenger that is connected with the platform and it is built with PHP and JavaScript. They are especially designed for websites that incorporate the use of instant messaging, also known as chat or customer services messaging, as one of its features.

The messages sent by the end-users will be processed by the skilled and competent NMS live online moderators in real time. Website owners are assured that end-users will be engaged and serviced while using your services.

Clients will also have full access to the LOOP IM Chat Platform, where they can monitor the total messages coming from end-users and how each operator handles the message assigned to him or her, among others.

“This is a great platform, especially for dating sites. Engagement from the end-users will definitely spike with this feature,” said Merlene Leano, NMS Product Manager.

LOOP IM Chat Platform is ready for integration, whether for established websites or starting ones.

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