August 4, 2015

What Translation Offers the World

The planet is shrinking because of social media. The distance between the continents doesn’t hold any grand importance in terms of communication. These continents have in a way become a compressed village where people of different backgrounds, geography, culture and personality can connect to one another with ease and in a short period of time.

Over the recent years, the consumption of the Internet showed a continuous growth. The communication through the use of social media now pertains not only to get in touch with family and friends but also to get updated with news and relevant issues in the society, explore one’s interest and field of expertise, and work out on the world of business and marketing.

As the globalization continues to run, it comes with a problem which needs attention and is actually still being solved. When social media is the best channel, the language barrier still exists. To effectively achieve global goals, there must be a full understanding of the belief, plea, logic and whatnots among the involved parties.

There is no solution fit for the said issue other than the Translation. The English Language is recognized as the universal tongue and mainly used worldwide in communicating and any kind of transactions. It is even the medium of the international sites online.

However, because of many particular reasons, other people can’t enjoy the social media or profit from its purposes and benefits to the fullest extent. Approximately, there are 6 billion people in the world who don’t speak the English Language. This means that they can only extend their circles within the community they belong and not more than that.

In this case, Translation helps to extend that circle in a more valuable degree as it fixes the language barrier that limits the interaction of people with others. Moreover, this situation is not actually for the use of social media only as the translation of languages is beneficial in studies, especially those countries which have several dialects, and even reaching out to people who don’t have proper education.

One example to cite is the efforts of the organization, TWB or Translation without Borders, to fight the Ebola outbreak in Africa. They funded the Indigo Trust on a project that aimed to educated the locals about the epidemic disease by simple messages, posters, voice-overs, public service announcements through several languages which are understood by all.

The importance of Translation makes the Google Translate alive, despite of the deficiency and glitches attached to it. The reasons are it helps to operate a person, a group of persons, an entity or a nation to make direct contact with other countries in terms of business, diplomacy, and other external affairs which realize what globalization is.

Aside from Google Translate, many sites offer Translation services which make use of automated system to do the crucial tasks. Since each language is arbitrary and rooted in various cultures, it is impossible for an automated system to translate a message in a compelling manner. Against billion translation sites, humans are still the best source.

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